Auto-entering data based on value of another table/field

New to Baserow, be kind. Hoping someone can point me the right direction.

I am building a database of Aus Music Chart history. I have an Excel sheet that has columns like Song, Artist, Year, Position, etc. As a test, I’ve copied and pasted some 3000 rows/records into an Baserow table. Let’s call it ‘Master’.

What I want to do now is create another table called ‘Genre’ that will automatically update the ‘Master’ table (as described above) based on a given Artist’s name. So, for instance, if I enter “The Beatles” and assign them the Genre “Pop” in the Genre table, it will automatically assign the value ‘Pop’ into the Master table wherever Artist = ‘The Beatles’.

Does that make sense? I’ve played around with relationship/linked Lookup fields, but the best result I’ve had is having to re-input the Artist name in a separate field – i.e. it’s not automatic. As I said at the start, there are already 3000-odd records as a test – my master Excel sheet is well over 25,000, so entering each again manually is out of the question.

I’m thinking it might be done via a formula, but can’t find reference how to address a field within a different table. I’m thinking if might sound something like (in the Master table):

If the field ‘Artist’ in the Master table matches the field ‘Artist’ in the Genre table (i.e. they’re both The Beatles), then get the value of the field Genre from the Genre table (Pop) and insert it in the field Genre in the Master table for the matched Artist.

Possible? Or am I way off track?

Welcome to the community, we are all kind people here :slight_smile:

Besides your Artists table (the master table) you need to create a second table Genres. This table has at least 2 fields:

  • Name: a single text field with the name of the genre: pop, jazz, punk, blues,…
  • Artists: a link to table field with all the artists of that genre

Adding a link to table field in the Genres table automatically creates a link to table field in the Artists table showing the genres that are added to an artist.

Do you have the relationship between Artist and Genre already in your Excel document? It is possible to import it depending on how it is stored in the Excel document.

Thanks @frederikdc ,

No, that’s the primary reason I turned to Baserow – I figured it’d be easier to join Genre and Artist in a database. It’s been a while (like 20+ years) but I used to work with Filemaker Pro quite a lot and I seem to remember joining tables with a key field (like Artist) was really straightforward and allowed for adding tables pretty much at will (as long as you had a joining ‘key’).

I’ll give this a go. Thanks.