Auto Image scaling is needed

Hi I really want to use BaseRow but Baserow keeps images attachments very small on Kaban etc. Can you please enable an autoscale option button. Thanks!!


You need to set the image as the cover field for the gallery. You can do this by clicking Customize Cards and selecting the field that contains the image as the cover field.


Hi i tried that but now it only shows a partial image of any taller images like mobile screen shots. Can you please add a automatic scale option where it shows the whole image for the Cover Field. Thanks!

Hello @williamlee2112, noted! I’ll discuss your feature request with the team :ok_hand:

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Hello @williamlee2112 :wave: Good news! Your feature request has been accepted, and we are going to introduce scaling options for cover images on card views.

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Hi any update on this?

Not yet, @williamlee2112 :pensive:

Hey @williamlee2112, I’ve double-checked with the team, and unfortunately, this feature has a low priority and we don’t think it’ll be implemented any time soon. However, I’ve created an issue for it: Scaling option for cover images on card views (#2073) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab, so maybe someone will pick it up faster. :raised_hands:

Thanks for the update!