Autocomplete for "link to table" fields please

The only thing I miss from vs AirTable at this moment is the lack of autocomplete for “link to table” fields. Flipping through pages is a frustrating alternative. If you could do this it would be great. Thank you.

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Hey @deet! We have the autocomplete feature in the ‘link to table’, please see the screenshot :point_down:

Is it the feature you are referring to?

Or did you mean to add autocomplete here, when entering rows to link to:

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Hi Olga, yes I meant the second case when you are now using the table to enter the row content. I find I’m having to click ahead a few pages but there is no reason why autocomplete can’t be used here.

Got you! Yes, sounds like a great suggestion, going to discuss with the team if and when we can implement this. Will keep you posted :raised_hands: