Automatic lookup conversions

I want to port an Airtable database into Baserow, but the lookups don’t port. They copy over as a text field, which I’d expect. But if I tell Baserow that the text field is actually a lookup, it just eats all the data. Airtable would generally try to make the connections to the looked-up table for me. WIthout that functionality, it’s not practical to move an existing database. Unless there’s a better way?

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Hey-hey @swcollings, welcome to the Baserow community!

The Airtable import feature is still in beta mode, and its functionality is currently a bit limited. Unfortunately, we don’t support automatic lookup importing yet, and yes — when you would try to change the field type from text to lookup after import, it will overwrite the data. We plan to extend this functionality, but not in the nearest future because you can easily create the lookup fields. Would it work for you if you leave data as the text field type and create a new column with a lookup linking that data manually? We know it’s a bit annoying, but can you use this scenario as a temporary solution? :sweat_smile: