Automatically fill a column in one table from the data in another table

Hi !

I’m new to Baserow, and eventually, I’m trying to move from Google Sheet to Baserow.

I struggle with one particular workflow that works well on G Suite :

  1. I capture lead data with a google form
  2. Each time a new row is created in my “Form” sheet, it is automatically linked with an 8-digit code from another sheet “Code”
  3. The code is sent by email to the prospect

In Baserow, I can’t automatically link a new row in the “Form” Table with the code in the “Coupon” Table.

How can I automatically fill a column in one table from the data in another table?

Thanks for your help!

Have a good day :slight_smile:

Hello Leo,

I think you will need to add a formula field to your “Form” table. In this formula field you can use the lookup function to link the record from one table with another table. Depending on your specific scenario, it is possible that you need to nest multiple functions in your formula.

For example: I want to calculate the average scores of reviews. I have a table with my Products and a table with my Reviews. The average must appear in the Products table:

avg(lookup(‘reviews’,‘Documentation quality’))