Automaticaly link to table

Is it posible to link row to another table automaticaly?


In column ‘Transaction date’ user set date by hand, and it is an extra action to specify a period too (i’m looking for easy, minimalistic forms). With formulas it is easy to modyfi date to YYYY-MM look, but then i’m stuck.



Hey there,

Apologies but I don’t think I fully understand your question.

What exactly should be automated here?

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@Lanstel Correct me if I’m wrong, but what you’re saying here in plain English is this:

  • If the Transaction date contains “2022-12”, link the respective Summary period

Sounds like the expectation is to do some sort of RegEx to find that.

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Yes, that’s exactly it. Is it possible? I didn’t find anything related to regex or formula in column “Summary period”.

I know its not a useful answer in and of itself, but I’d like to “me too” a request for this sort of capability.

I don’t have exactly the same need, but I can absolutely think of things I’d like to be able to accomplish that this sort of feature would enable.

Conditionally auto linking rows is not possible at the moment in Baserow.

If this is something you’d like to see then we can discuss this internally as a feature request and decide if it makes sense to add it.

Could you maybe add some more details as to how you would imagine this working? The more details the better, so we have a clear picture of what that feature might look like :slight_smile:

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