Hi guys,

I found a repository on GitHub with several python scripts of implementation to Baserow (many ideas that you can imagine: notepad with sync in Baserow, todo-txt file(upload) in baserow etc) The license is public, in this case it is licensed for “the unlicensed” which is stronger than MIT and GPLv3. Please, see this:

My goal is not self-promotion, do what you all want with the code. The idea of the public code is shared right, that is to say, that any person, company, government, entity, non-governmental organization, individual can use the code commercially or not, as well as having the right to a registered trademark or not.

I would like to contribute a lot of ideas here, and I feel like innovating or creating things. Some base code is MIT licensed and publicly available on GitHub.

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This is super cool! I love that you implement that many plugins and specifically some of them to solve community issues.

Really appreciate that level of commitment from a community member :slight_smile:

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Hi @Alex.

thank you for comment.