Bad Request (400)

Hello. Can you help me with Self Host, Im trying use Docker to deploy self hosted, I already setting the .env file, Then after run frontend and media working well, but i got error on backend API Bad Request (400), im trying to signup user also got error.

Im checking the table on postgres, all already migrated

All docker run well

im checking on backend logs

Please Help,


Hi @ilhamakbarki,

Are you trying to access your Baserow from a different machine compared to where it is running? If so you could follow the guide found at:
to properly configure your Baserow.

We will be releasing official Baserow docker images and an upgraded docker-compose file shortly for baserow which removes the need for this configuration, but for now you’ll have to make sure to set those variables.


no, that all on Same Mechine

Could you let me know what OS you are hosting Baserow on? Is it windows? Can you also let me know the exact command you downloaded Baserow with (git clone?)

We can try see the exact error you are getting by running Baserow in development mode, could you do this by running:

docker-compose down
docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f up --build -d

Once running could you then try sign up at localhost:3000 and once you get the error check the logs and post them here by running
docker-compose logs backend