Barerow on railway (database)

When launching baserow on railway is it better to create a postgres database inside of railway and connect to BR or create it within baserow itself.

Also if I have an account free account on baserow’s site and have one on the cloud version, how does paying for premium work. Would I have access to the data on both?

Hello @hcraige :wave:

I’ll check this part with the dev team.

That would require having two different accounts and paying for Premium for each of them separately. Therefore, it’s much better to work from only one account if it works for you.

“Better” depends in this scenario.

For scalability purposes it is better to separate every part of Baserow into its own scalable container. But if you are just trying to get something running and don’t have loads of users then you don’t really need to do that.

I assume that you are using the “all-in-one” image to host Baserow? That should come with a postgres instance already packaged so you should be able to just host Baserow and not worry too much about postgres.

@hcraige, I agree with @Alex here, but because we don’t have any experience with Railway, we can’t make any promises that the PostgreSQL data, as well uploaded files, will be stored correctly in a volume. If not configured correctly, you might lose data if it’s only stored inside the container, and you update the image to the latest version for example.