Base-smith: Mobile CRUD App for Baserow data, built in Appsmith

Hey everyone, I Just shared the Built with Baserow contest with our Appsmith Discord community! We have a native Airtable connector in Appsmith, but we haven’t added Baserow yet. So I figured out how to connect via the API and wanted to share it with both our communities.

Here’s a simple CRUD app that others can use as a starting point. Just fork the app, then edit the “Baserow” datasource to add your API key.

:link: Base-smith

Note, this is just a quick demo of how to connect to the Baserow API in Appsmith, not a submission for the contest. Feel free to build on top of this to create your own submission.

Hello @joseph_appsmith, that’s awesome! Thanks for creating and sharing this app :raised_hands:

I moved your reply to a new topic as this way it will be easier for the community members to find and comment on it, hope you don’t mind:)

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