Base64 image decoding

I don’t think this is possible right now, but would be nice to be able to decode base64 images on-the-fly to create either a URL link (to open the image in a browser window) or convert to an attached image.

Use case: I am unable to pass along an image file itself from an API connection, but I can easily pass the base64 version…but the value is huge (and not even visible on the baserow tables), and requires an extra step to actually view the image itself.

Would this be worthwhile to push to the git page as an actual feature request?

Hello @jimmy, sorry for the delay with the response. Sure, feel free to create an issue on GitLab, and we will also discuss your idea on the nearest team call. Thanks for the suggestion and for sharing the details of your use case :raised_hands:

Thanks @jimmy for creating the issue on GitLab! For everyone interested in the feature, here is the link: base64 image decoding options? (#1156) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.