🚨 Baserow 1.11 is out! What's new?

Another week, another update — Baserow 1.11 is out! Here’s something many of you have been asking for:

→ Additional importing.
→ Duplication of databases, tables, and fields.
→ Snapshots.
→ Form conditions.
→ Public gallery view sharing.

And there’s more! Take a look: https://baserow.io/blog/1-11-release-of-baserow.
Test out all new in Baserow: https://baserow.io.
GitLab repository: Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

Like the newly released features? Drop us a note in the comments and share your feedback :point_down:


Thank you for your hard work ! Very appreciated!

Duplication of tables is something which will help certain use cases. While baserow works like a relational database, in theory , duplicating tables should be discouraged, but in practice, people need to experiment or copy paste, and it’s a natural reflex for them. So it’s very welcome.

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You’re right! A lot of people were requesting duplication features and we’re happy to finally release them :smiling_face:

And thank you for the feedback on the release, we appreciate it :blue_heart:

That duplicate feature is going to be very handy for testing, Also loving the form conditions :tada: :raised_hands:

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