🚀 Baserow 1.26 is here, bringing even more AI capabilities, new Application Builder styling options, and more

Baserow 1.26 includes:

File field support for the AI field: Use AI to process documents, invoices, and other file types directly within your Baserow workspace.

New styling options for Application Builder: Customize your applications with new theme settings for a more personalized and professional interface.

Link to table field limit selection: limit the selection of linked table rows to a specific view.

Visibility roles for Application Builder: Show or hide elements based on user roles to enhance security and user experience.

Choice element for Application Builder: Display elements as dropdowns, radio buttons, or checkboxes for easier selections.

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Being able to extract insights from a file using the AI field is crazy advanced imo. Shout out to our developers—amazing feature :metal:

Files… big deal!

And, styling for application builder is turning the front-end piece into a viable option to create everything from front to back in Baserow


Hi Baserow Team!
Thanks for your amazing work!
asan :fox_face: