🪄 Baserow AI is here, alongside more new features and improvements! Baserow 1.24 includes…

We’re thrilled to announce the new Baserow AI field to help you stay productive within our platform with the help of AI. Baserow 1.24 includes:

AI field: Generate prompts with your Baserow data for writing blog posts, analyzing, or translating your data and more.

→ New styling options for long text field: Add links and @-mentions in the long text field type.

→ Co-branding for the Enterprise plan: Upload a custom logo and customize Baserow’s appearance to match your company’s brand.

→ New filter types: greater than or equal (>=), less than or equal (<=), is any of, and is none of

→ Paste single value into all cells selected.

→ Clickable links in email notifications.

→ Clickable links in the URL field type in the row edit modal.

→ Application Builder keyboard shortcuts: Navigate and build with the Application Builder using your keyboard only.

→ Visibility tab: Control the visibility of each element in your application based on a user’s authentication status.

→ After login events: Set an action to trigger after logging in.

→ Logout action: Add a logout action.

And many more new features and updates!

See the details!


Check out this video walkthrough from @bram to see how to configure OpenAI API keys:

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Powerful! Excited to use Baserow AI soon

And, to have links in the rich text field now allows me and others to blog directly from Baserow! Woo

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Keep in mind that if you’re self-hosting Baserow with the all-in-one image baserow/baserow, that we’ve upgraded the embedded PostgreSQL version to version 15. This would require a manual step from your end to make the data folder compatible. More info Install with Docker // Baserow