Baserow App build help

Hello. I am trying to make simple app with App builder. I am self hosting Baserow locally. Creating table for data and form for inserting data in table was easy. I want to crete app for searching and displaying data from table without need for logging in to account. First, i created page with input form and submit button. Second, i created another page for displaying data. Problem i have is i do not know how to “pass” data from input form to second page, to use this data as filter for displaying matching values in records. I am sure that i am doing something wrong. I have some little expirience with web apps (html, php) and maybe i am thinking in wrong direction because of this. Maybe things works little differently in Baserow. If someone could point me in right direction, i will be grateful.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Denis,

Welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy working with the app builder.
Passing data from one screen to another is done with parameters that are attached to the url.

  • If you click on the settings of a page, you see the name and path of that page. In case of the homepage, this is just a /.

  • If you check the examples page, this is /examples

Now you can add a parameter by using a colon followed by a name you pick yourself. Mostly used is :id

You are now able to pass the result of your newly created record as an argument to the examples page. (in my screenshot, I just pass the id of the authenticated user)

Thanks so much for your help. It took me a while to make this work and in the end it did. Only thing is that solution in my case is slightly different than your example. I make it work without “/”. Instead of “/page/:parameter” i use “page:parameter” where “page” is name of page opened after hitting submit button and “parameter” is name of parameter entered in input field. Parameter is then accessible in Parameter section for Value property. Now i have to figure out how to use this parameter for comparing and filtering. So far I am very satisfied how everything is working.