I would like to use the application template Lightweight CRM // Baserow. However, I have a problem because I don’t know how to use the template when I use the self-hosted plan.

Can you please help me?

Hi Patrick,

Welcome to the community.

The templates are part of the repository. You should be able to select From template when clicking the + Create new button.

This offers you an overview of all the available templates. You can search for the Lightweight CRM template and click the Use this template button.

Take a look at this :slight_smile: Loom Message - 20 June 2024 | Loom

I don’t have this option. What am I doing wrong?

Aha, now I see.

This is because the Lightweight CRM template with the application was added in 1.25. So you will need to update your instance to the latest Baserow version.

How to do it? Is there any instruction? How can I check my version and make updates?

The instructions depend on how you self-host. You can find the instructions for most platforms in our documentation: Install with Docker // Baserow

I already have a higher version whereas I still do not see the application.

Ok, i got it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: