Baserow as part of Datanalytics stack


I am working on an app that will contain commercial deal capture, logistic instructions and liftings, receiving invoices etc.

I consider using Baserow for the data captures en tooljet for the front-end.

The data is the basis for various data analytics solutions that can be considered quantitative financial modelling in commodity derivatives etc. I currently have this data data landing in and SQL database. This is done via MAGE.AI ETL jobs.

A read somewhere that Baserow contains components of Postgres. In python it is very easy to connect and save data to SQL via the data frame.to_sql() method. Would something like this also be possible in Baserow?

In more general terms, are data analytics stacks something that is in the future roadmap of Baserow? Also connecting a tool line dat (data build tool) as a possibility.

Curious to hear more about this!


You can query all data directly in the PostgreSQL database, but you will need to know how to interpret and connect the data that are stored there.

Alternatively, you could use our internal Python API to get access to the data. Examples of using our various handlers etc. could be found in the automated tests. So you could e.g. write a Baserow plugin and expose data as needed.

If you just want to have the correct SQL, I’d recommend locally investigating generated Django SQL when calling Baserow API or using internal API, and copy and use the SQL from there.