Baserow can now be translated via Weblate

The Polish translation is almost finished. When translating, many words have double meanings, and if I had access to the full version, I could correct the translation while using it. Perhaps translating into a new language would I deserve a full license? ;-D

Hello @piotrek! First of all, we want to thank you for this contribution, you did a lot of work with the translation, and you definitely deserve a reward. I’ll send you a private message to discuss all the details :raised_hands:

Hello, I want to translate Baserow to hungarian, can you add this language as well?
Thanks in advance,

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HI @laci, that’s wonderful news. Do you already have a Weblate account? Then I’ll add you to our project (Baserow @ Hosted Weblate).

Yes, I have an account already. Shall I send you in private somehow my email?

I can participate in the Finnish translation. Already got a Weblate account (same name there)

@laci, yes, feel free to share your Weblate username with me bram [at] baserow [dot] io, or via a prive message in this community.

That’s amazing! I’ve invited you to the Baserow Weblate project (Baserow @ Hosted Weblate). Can you check if you have translate access to the project?

I can see the project and access it, but when I try to “Translate” Finnish it says “Cannot add translation now”.

Maybe you didn’t had permissions to add the language. I’ve added Finnish to all components. Would you mind checking if you can add translations now?