Baserow can now be translated via Weblate

In our last release we’ve made it possible to translate Baserow and we’re currently offering French and English. It’s now possible for everyone to contribute translations via Baserow @ Hosted Weblate.


I would like to translate baserow to pt-br, is it possible for you to add this language to the weblate?


Hi James!

Anyone should be able to start a new language translation. Make sure that you have a Weblate account first and you are logged in. On the Baserow Weblate homepage click on any component and then you should see “Start a new translation” button below where you can pick a new language.


A friendly heads up that translating too fast through Weblate might log you out and prevent you from taking action for a while… :sweat_smile:


I can not translate … Weblate platform says I can not translate :frowning:

Hello @anon7289648, we’re fixing the problem now! We need to merge the latest changes in the system and the issue will be resolved. I’ll update you here as soon as all is ready and working again. Thank you for pointing that out!

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Hey @anon7289648, it works now: Baserow @ Hosted Weblate. Sorry for the inconvenience!

What language are you planning to translate Baserow to? :slightly_smiling_face:

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  1. I want to translate all Baserow(backend-core|backend-database|premium-web-frontend|web-frontend|web-frontend-core|web-frontend-database) to ptbr and I can not. For access is not authorized.
  2. I think Baserow is better than Airtable so I want to help
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Hey @anon7289648, we fixed this, please try again one more time :pray:

Thanks James, this means a lot to us :blue_heart:


it worked…thanks a lot for the help @olgatrykush

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@olgatrykush @bram @petrs @HiramFromTheChi

gif meme


translated en to pt-br

Notes - Community ;D

  1. Tomorrow I finish translating en to ptbr(all Baserow)
  2. I’m super excited about helping Baserow - translating en to ptbr

That amazing @anon7289648! Seems like you’re already making good progress, great job! :+1: Thank you so much.


Good looks @anon7289648! :raised_hands:

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Wow…what amazing news! :brazil::brazil::brazil:

I’ve been using Baserow for a while now and talking about it in Portuguese whenever I get the chance :green_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart:

Certainly with ptBR it will be an important factor to encourage its use :clap:


Hi all! How are u guys? 42% ;D

img 1

img 2


  1. I lost access again
  2. I was working out some things, as soon as I can… I’ll continue

Hey @anon7289648, thank you so much for adding translations to Baserow!! It’s really cool to see users help improve the Product, and specially when it comes to translations that non of us speak natively :slight_smile:


I am trying to contribute and do Polish translation, but since a week or so I am getting such error:

what to do?

Apologies @piotrek! This sometimes happen with Weblate. I’ve removed the maintenance mode, you should be able to add contributions now.

Thank You. Ive started Polish translation. Ill finish it soon.

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Awesome! That’s much appreciated.

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