Baserow charts plugin


I’m building a baserow charts plugin, similar to airtable charts. I have a few use-cases in mind that I’m working on right now. Let me know if you’re interested in such plugin, I’d like to see how it can be used in other projects.



Welcome @soon,

That sounds great. Are there some images you can share to show us what you are making?

Yes, here’s what I got so far:


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Really cool stuff, is the plugin open source? Would love to take a look at the code :smiley:

Really cool stuff, is the plugin open source? Would love to take a look at the code :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m going to make basic version of it open source, but it’s not in public yet

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This looks great. :+1:

I love treemaps :pray:
Treemapping - Wikipedia


Demo is available here:

You can register and import your data to test. More charts are coming next weeks!

Hello @soon, wow, it looks amazing:

Thank you! :blue_heart:

That is super cool!

You could think about introducing this as a new ViewType which would allow you to create these charts in the scope of a table itself.

We have a registry that allows you to extend our ViewTypes that was made just for cases like yours.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding that process or if you make the source code available so we can have a look at some of your ideas :slight_smile:

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This is really cool @soon!

In addition to @Alex his suggestion about introducing a separate view type, it would also be possible to introduce a new “ApplicationType”. This will allow you to introduce something new that lives directly next to the database. A small benefit over a view type is that you can then show data of multiple databases/tables combined, instead of just the data of one single table.


Thank you @Alex and @bram, I’ll definitely take a look into View and Application types! Looks like a nice addition to the dashboard

Meanwhile demo has been updated with a few changes - multiple series for line and bar charts, new chart type - scatter.

But most importantly - now you can add this plugin to your baserow installation! Here’s repository with code: GitHub - soon/basecharts: Baserow charts plugin