Baserow community internationalization

To facilitate the adoption of Baserow I would like the Baserow community to have an option where the user can talk to people in their native language.

Libre Office is an example of this, in the Libreoffice community it is divided into native language groups, which makes it easier for people to communicate more openly and freely.

Not everyone speaks English, despite being a good language that is widely used in commerce. Knowing this assumption, it would be nice if the Baserow community were more open.

I think this could increase the number of Baserow users, but it would have to be analyzed by everyone in the community as well.


Image-description: As we can see in the image, the person is directed to a community of their native language. If she wants or knows how to speak another language, she could access the other community as well.



Hey @anon6366911! We do want Baserow to feel native to more and more people. But we also want to make sure that all the local communities are moderated, and that people get the needed help. We believe the best outcome would be to have some community-led local groups, and we, the team, will support those enthusiasts as much as we can :raised_hands:

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