Baserow + Confluence: existence of API connector

Hi Everyone!

I’ve done extensive research on this topic. However, thus far, without succes. I’m looking for a way to combine Baserow and Confluence, but the only option I found so far, is using Zapier, which is unfortunately not an option due to the high costs. Would anyone know if there’s a different option available, or this change/release is scheduled for the near future?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @rdevries, would you mind sharing some details about your use case? What exactly would the combination between Baserow and Confluence do? Do you want to create a row when a document is created or vice versa?

It seems that Confluence has a REST API here: Maybe you can use the Baserow integrations | Workflow automation with n8n node in n8n and the HTTP Request - n8n Documentation to do what you want.

Hi @bram. Thanks for helping out! The goal is to collect data (using a simple form created in Baserow as frontend). The stored data should then be integrated in Confluence. Nothing too fancy i guess…

In what way should it be integrated with Confluence? Should it create a new document for every submitted form?

Ideally, Confluence should just show a copy of the table that BaseRow creates from the collected data. I’m sorry for providing such vague information… I’m rather new to confluence, that’s why.