Baserow container image for 64-bit ARM CPUs

Hello, I use an ODROID M1, which uses 64-bit ARM CPUs. I run the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS 64-bit operating system on this device. Does Baserow have container images on Docker Hub for ARM CPUs?

  • I searched on Docker Hub tags, but cannot find arm
  • I searched Baserow documentation for Docker install, and cannot find references to arm

@davide & @peter_baserow maybe you have some pointers for @trevor ?

@nigel I suppose we don’t release docker images for ARM but you can still run it in dev, anything special one has to do to make that work?


Hey @trevor apolizies we haven’t yet extending our image build process to also build arm variants of our offical images. It is definately something we want to do but we haven’t yet had the resource to do it.

For now, if you are comfortable building your own images locally then following these instructions should get you going:

git clone
cd baserow
cp .env.example .env
# edit .env and set REDIS_PASSWORD, DATABASE_PASSWORD, SECRET_KEY variables. Change BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL to the URL / http://IP_ADDRESS you'll be visiting your Baserow server on
docker-compose -f docker-compose.local-build.yml up --build
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FYI our official dockerhub images are now multiarch and support arm64, the above advice is no longer needed (@trevor )