Baserow desktop application?

I only use Airtable with the desktop application.

I would like to use Baserow the same way.

What about ?

Hey @bastien, thank you for sharing! The ToDesktop app looks promising. I will discuss it with the team. :ok_hand:

Hey @bastien, we definitely plan to build a desktop application for Baserow, and will consider the app you shared for this. However, at this stage, we believe that improvements to the mobile version are more critical, so we don’t think we will start working on the desktop app anytime soon.

We have a very old issue for the desktop app: Desktop App (#271) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab

@olgatrykush yes, I agree, the mobile version optimization is indeed very important.

another nice solution to build an app which can be used on desktop and mobile :

Thanks for the suggestion and sharing the link under the GitLab issue! :slightly_smiling_face: