Baserow extension UpdateRow block doesn't work

Hi everyone, I am kodular user and I use Baserow extension but I found that updateRow does not work, it returns a response but it doesn’t affect the DB table, could anyone check that block?

It is unclear which extension you are using. Better ask in the Kodular community since the developer of the extension is more active there then here.

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Can you share the details of the request you made to Baserow and response?

hi @Peter i use ( sumit1334.baserow.aix)
I contacted him and he told me that the problem is not with the extension but the problem with baserow

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hi @bram
When I make do it for UpdateRow block, I see this response and no changing in the database. looK at" MyPosts " In the response it returns : null

Could you ask @Sumit to maybe explain what he thinks goes wrong here on the Baserow side?

I want to help you, but I need more information about the actual request that’s being made to Baserow. I don’t have any experience with Kodular and the Kodular Baserow extension. It would be great if you could provide a detailed request, which contains the request URL, query parameters, headers and body. I also need to full response including headers, status code and body. Maybe you could ask Summit or in the Kodular community how you can extract that.

It’s an issue with your blocks.