BASEROW_EXTRA_ALLOWED_HOSTS not working (docker)

I’m using the Baserow docker image. Have a public url which is my actual domain that’s working fine. I also want to be able to access baserow from the internal IP it’s hosted on. I’ve added this via BASEROW_EXTRA_ALLOWED_HOSTS (“http://192.168.1.X:port”) however I still can’t access baserow this way (“Site not found”).

Any ideas?

Hi @danyal711, the BASEROW_EXTRA_ALLOWED_HOSTS is actually related some Django, the backend framework we use, internals, and will not have an effect on accessing the Baserow web-frontend from multiple hosts.

Because we recently launched our application, you’re required to configure a BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL, and the web-frontend can only be accessed on that URL. It’s not possible to make it listen on two different URLs at the moment.

Thanks for the response. Is there any way to use the API on multiple URLs?

Currently, there is not with the all-in-one image. In that case, you would have to switch to a multiservice approach like with docker-compose (Install with Docker compose // Baserow). In that case, you could connect to the backend directly, and then the BASEROW_EXTRA_ALLOWED_HOSTS should work for you. It would be more complicated to setup, and does require some devops knowledge.

please add internal api support with the all-in-one image. Thank you, have a good day.