Baserow image on Docker Hub

thanks for creating Baserow, it looks very promising!
I’m trying to setup self hosted version on Qnap NAS via its container manager (Container Station - it’s basically an interface to browse i.e. Docker Hub and click “Install”), but from what I can see there’s an older version available there:
tiredofit/baserow - Docker Image | Docker Hub
Are you planning on updating Docker Hub on regular basis?

Hey @simplynail , I am literally starting work on automatic builds and publishes of Baserow to Dockerhub next week :slight_smile: From release 1.9 and onwards we will be providing regularly updated official Baserow docker images on Dockerhub. Every new release of Baserow will be immediately available on Dockerhub.

From a brief look at Container Station it looks like you’ll be needing a single all-in-one docker image to deploy Baserow? That is it expects one container per service and doesn’t support something like docker-compose.

Finally to clarify the old image you’ve linked was uploaded by a community member and is not ‘official’ per say.

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thanks @nigel for quick response!
That’s great, looking forward to be able to download it then!
I think most convenient it would be to use single image, I’m just starting with NASes but from what I can see my product could also potentially take a docker-compose YAML file, so it could be also done this way I guess if it’s easier for you to manage.
Being cautious about the data I’d store in my Postgres DB, how do I make sure I don’t loose my data i.e. when you at some point decide to upgrade Postgres version defined in your build?

As for image selection pasted above:
I found couple of images there on Docker Hub and pasted a link to the one with the most stars next to it :slight_smile:

The tiredofit/baserow - Docker Image | Docker Hub is not an officially maintained version by us. Someone from the community created this, but it hasn’t been updated for 9 months, so it’s very outdated.

As @nigel pointed out. We’re going to start working on official Docker images soon They’re going to be updated after every release.

@simplynail We’ll be offering both a docker-compose file using separate containers and official images for all the different services, and also a single docker image which internally contains all the services in one container, both options can optionally be connected to an external postgres database (otherwise it will use an internal one).

To answer your question about how postgres upgrades will be handled in the future, we hope to do it entirely automatically if you were using the embedded postgres in the all-in-one image or the postgres db service defined in the docker-compose.yml. Any such automatic upgrade would take backups etc to ensure a rollback is possible.

Instead if you were to connect your own external postgres we would warn/error on Baserow startup saying a postgres upgrade is required and leave it upto the user.

We do have plans of removing support for postgres 10 shortly and we will be publishing a more official officially supported versions document also. If you are already using pg12+ I would expect Baserow to support those versions for a long time.

Thanks @bram & @nigel for broader explanation - I’ll give it a go once the images are ready!
ot sure if you plan to announce it somehow on your blog once they arrive, if not if you could drop a message here it would be great.