Baserow mobile version got an upgrade πŸ“²

Baserow users, you must be happy to hear that we have shipped improvements to the mobile version. And now you have much more space on mobile devices to scroll.

This little tweak makes it possible to use Baserow on mobiles, and we’re just getting started with all the improvements planned :raised_hands:

Test out Baserow 1.13.2:


Have you considered offline mobile usage? I might be able to help with a lighter data structure that would allow it.

Hello @bgschust, let me chat about this with the team. I’ll get back to you on this :raised_hands:

Hey @bgschust, I’m back with a follow-up question for you. Why do you specifically require Baserow to work offline? Baserow is primarily designed for online collaboration, and implementing an offline mode would require significant changes. Also, we would like to know more about your vision for the offline mode. Is it meant for brief periods of offline use or should it support extended offline use by multiple users?

Hi Olga, I currently reside off-grid so I do not have steady access to the internet. There are a large number of people around the world who also do not have reliable internet connections, including those in rural areas, traveling between cities, and working in high-security settings. I have heard a little talk about Web 3.0 and although I don’t know the formal definition of it in general use, I imagine it to be an internet where people can work offline like they did in the old days (90’s and early 2000’s) and connect to peers when needed.

In an offline spreadsheet, changes can be synced when you go online. I have extensive JavaScript experience that would enable this to become a reality with the right support.


I think the offline version (edit offline, synchronize changes later when online) could bring some serious problems - imagine collaboration of two or more people on the same table. If all of them hypothetically would be offline and edit the same row, how will the system would know which changes to sync and which to deny?
Of course if there would be only one user for the workflow, then it could be useful.

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Hi Marcus, there are surely many complications that would make it difficult to implement such a system, although I think it would be worth it.

Thanks for the response @bgschust, I’ll make sure to bring this topic to the team. :slightly_smiling_face: