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I’m evaluating Baserow as a means of sharing databases between members of my family. One of the most important use cases is as a shopping list application. We’d want to create a shopping list on one device and be able to read and update it on our mobile device(s)

However, when we bring up the database on our phones, we are unable to edit any of the cells. Nothing happens when we (double?)click on the cell. I would expect to have a keyboard pop-up.

I’ve tried with both the Brave and Firefox browses.

Is this something that is expected to work?

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We do not offer mobile support for Baserow itself at this point in time.

You are correct, it seems like you can’t edit fields just by clicking on them, or at least it doesn’t open your keyboard.

One thing that does happen to work is holding your click to open the context menu of a cell and then clicking on “enlarge row”, which opens an edit modal in which you can in fact edit the cell.

I know this is quite cumbersome but maybe this helps a little as a workaround for now?

Another thing that might improve your mobile experience is to view the page in desktop mode. I know my chrome browser supports that by just clicking on the top right option button and selecting “Desktop Site”.
Again, not ideal but it might give you a slightly better experience.

I hope that was helpful!

Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, that is fairly cumbersome on the mobile side. Is there a plan to resolve this?


From what I know we don’t plan on implementing any changes that improve mobile experience any time soon.

@bram please correct me if we have a different stance on the topic :slight_smile:

That’s correct @Alex. We don’t have any concrete short term plans on improving the mobile experience for Baserow. This is definitely something that we want to do in the future though because we want Baserow to work on smoothly on mobile/touch devices as well.

I’m using baserow to run a small business, and sometimes I need to pull the information up on my phone to try to make a sale. Would love to have it optimized for mobile in the not too distant future.

Hey @mlee,

One of the things I have been looking at is Lowdefy it can take a bit of work to understand but it would allow you to quickly make a mobile friendly interface to your database.

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thanks @joffcom - i’ll check it out!