Baserow on windows

Hello community! I’m interested in discovering Baserow. I like the project and it seems to be expanding rapidly. I am looking for a local alternative to Airtable, as I would like to avoid the cloud solution.

I would like to install Baserow on windows, how can I do?



Hey @dariorotaclimb, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

Sounds like you’re looking to self-host Baserow, correct? If so, you can do so using Heroku, Ubuntu, or Cloudron.

My personal favorite is Cloudron because of its ease of use, but definitely to use whatever you feel is best for you.

Hope this helps!

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Hello Hiram and thanks for the kind reply.

It seems they are cloud services, but I would like to install BR on my local pc if it s possible and using windows.

Sorry, I don t know the server environment and I have some difficulty to understand how to do. And ubuntu runs on linux…


Hi @dariorotaclimb, welcome to the Baserow community! It is possible to install Baserow locally on your own device, but it’s only possible via Docker. Do you have that installed locally on your computer and do you have some experience with it? If you have, then you run these three commands to install and run it:

$ git clone --branch master
$ cd baserow
$ docker-compose up

More information about running it locally can be found here Running Baserow locally // Baserow.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Thank you Bram! I do not have experience with docker but I will try for sure.


Hello, I tryed but it got complicated so I gaveup. I will evaluate the cloud version.


That unfortunate, it should easily work locally with docker-compose. Did you run into a problem with Baserow or with Docker itself?

Evaluating the cloud version first seems like a good idea! Let me know if there is anything that I can help you with.

Thanks, at the moment I am waiting for the lookup field and grouping functions…they are so important.

Problem using docker…asking for other things like linux kernel…quite obscure :open_mouth:

Also wondering if you are planning to do view sharing like Airtable system.


Hello bram, I tryed your code. Everything in this docker world seems so difficult. It gives me error on:

“error while interpolating x-backend-variables.DATABASE_PASSWORD: required variable DATABASE_PASSWORD is missing a value”

Where is this variable so I can set it?



Something incredible happened! I, a poor and misunderstood Windows user, managed to install, I don’t know how, baserow with Docker.

Thanks for the support. I had to invent solutions to be able to run the yml file all-in-one. I have the impression that this whole world of docker apps is complex.

Do you know how to perform a total backup of Baserow?

Thank you!


Hi @dariorotaclimb, glad to hear that you were able to figure it out. :rocket:

If you’re using docker-compose, then you can follow this part of the tutorial: Install with Docker compose // Baserow.

More information about backing up if you installed via docker-compose can be found here: Install with Docker compose // Baserow.

I hope that helps.