Baserow self-hosted options

Hey Baserow heroes,

Can anyone tell me if I would be able to host Baserow on a pCloud account. What I like about pCloud is you pay a 1 time fee for the amount of storage you sign up for. Also, I would like to know what are some other economical options that work well with Baserow. Limited funds:( Much appreciated?

Hi @Alpha,

if I am not mistaken, pCloud is just a file storage. It is not a service that can run software like Baserow.

I think the most economical would be to pay for a virtual private server where you deploy Baserow yourself. You can use another service like Cloudron ( to make it easier.

If Baserow doesn’t have to run 24/7 but just when you use it and you want, to go super money save mode, you can always just run it on your own computer as well :slight_smile:

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