Baserow Self Hosting and Table Configurations

Please, I am currently on Baserow Cloud-hosted version, but intend to install Baserow self-host version soon. I am really scared that the installation is going to erase my table configurations. It took me long time and efforts to configure and link the tables the way I want them. I also have unpublished apps I designed with the app builder.

I would like to find out if all these are going to be erased or altered when I self host. If so, are there steps I can take to avoid it from happening?

I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you

Hey @stevechike, currently, to transfer your data from the hosted to a self-hosted version, you’ll need help from one of our team members. After verifying your data ownership, we’ll create an export and provide import instructions. Afterwards, you can import your data into your self-hosted instance. But, this step needs some tech know-how and you’ll need to use the command line. Is this okay with you?

I’ll talk to the team about the unpublished apps and any other recommendations for a smooth migration. :ok_hand:

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@olgatrykush thank you for your reply. Yes, I am okay with the use of command line. When you talk to the team about the unpublished apps, please I would like to be updated. Thank you.

Hey @stevechike, I’ve checked with the development team, and:

Database: During migration, all relationships and data structures will remain intact. The things that will change are the database and table IDs, but these should not pose a problem unless you are using the API.

Application Builder: After the 1.25 release, which is scheduled for the end of May, it will be possible to migrate your apps (whether published or unpublished) without any issues.

If you can’t wait until the next release, we can only migrate your databases now and handle the applications separately later.

Is it okay for you to wait for the 1.25 release?

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@olgatrykush I think I can wait for the 1.25 release. I need the apps working together with the databases.

Thank you for your responses. Please keep me posted on any new development about this matter.

Hey @stevechike, sure! After the 1.25 release, I’ll check on this functionality with the development team again and keep you updated. :slightly_smiling_face: