Baserow self signed certificate in certificate chain


I installed a self hosted version of Baserow on a lightsail ubuntu server using docker and caddy:

I Ensured my system is upto date

sudo apt update

Docker Setup

sudo apt install docker

My user must be in the Docker group to run docker commands

sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

Install Caddy

sudo apt install -y debian-keyring debian-archive-keyring apt-transport-https
curl -1sLf ‘’ | sudo gpg --dearmor -o /usr/share/keyrings/caddy-stable-archive-keyring.gpg
curl -1sLf ‘’ | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/caddy-stable.list
sudo apt update
sudo apt install caddy

Install with Docker

docker run
–name baserow
-e DATABASE_URL=postgresql://postgres:password@HOST:PORT/DATABASE
-v baserow_data:/baserow/data
-p 80:80
-p 443:443
–restart unless-stopped

When trying to retrieve the information via token, it is giving an ssl error according to the print:

And via postman, where I have verification disabled for development reasons, it’s returning straight to the login screen.

Could some one help me on what I should do to repair this issue.

Hey @tuliobem,

Where have you set up your SSL cert? Is that in Caddy or in Lightsail?

The first thing I would do is check which certificate is being returned as that could shed some light on it. From there maybe try the connection locally using the IP to see if the same cert is returned.

Many thanks @joffcom . Actually I am not very experienced in this matter. I have not set up any SSL cert, neither in Caddy or in lightsail. I thought that my caddy installation would handle it automatically ( Auto-Generated Let’s Encrypt TLS Certificates). Could share some ideias on what I could do?

Hey @tuliobem,

It could be that Caddy has not made the certificate maybe due to a dodgy config, check the logs and see if it shows any messages.

Normally something like docker log will show it.

I installed a letsencrypt SSL certificate on Ubuntu server. I also started a new docker container with the same baserow docker installation. It started to work now, but I am not quite sure what was the fixing step that solve the issue. Many thanks @joffcom

Installing the cert could have done it or maybe Caddy was able to generate one as well this time. Without diving through config and logs it is hard to say but I am glad to hear you are up and running.

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