Baserow slow to access pages

Hello folks:

Running the latest baserow version, docker package on a synology. Accessing the container remotely through NGINX and cloudflare… I find accessing pages to be slow… There is only myself using the program… I’m wondering if an external mySQL server might be faster? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @TC2020, I’m sorry to hear that Baserow is not running as performant as you might expect. If it’s just you on a freshly installed instance, it should be fast. Would you mind answering the questions below:

  • Can you share more about how many tables, rows and fields you have in your instance?
  • It would also be useful to learn more about the resources (CPU, Memory, etc) you have assigned to your Baserow instance on your Synology NASS?
  • Which Synology NASS do you have specifically, and how many other applications are you running?
  • re there some metrics you can share, for example how long it takes to open a page, update a row, etc?
  • What happens if you access the container directly, and not via Cloudron, does that make a difference?

Hello Bram.

I updated to version 1.20.1 this morning; much better!

Was using 1.18 prior…


Glad to hear that @TC2020!