Baserow to Anki Flashcards import plugin

Anki is an open source Flashcard software package (for memorization using spaced repetition). It has a huge addon ecosystem. Today I’m releasing an Anki addon which allows easy importing of data from Baserow: Vocab.Ai / Baserow Import - AnkiWeb

I actually wrote it for my Baserow plugin, which adds some specialized language-learning functionality. But it’s compatible with any Baserow instance including Baserow is the perfect “staging area” to assemble your data before importing into Anki.

Under the hood, it uses the Baserow backend API to list tables, and start an export to CSV job (in fact you could already go through a CSV file previously, just that it wasn’t very convenient). Then it uses Anki’s CSV import module to correctly process the data. It memorizes your settings so you can quickly import form the same table again. I use it to import notes from my Chinese lesson every week. You can optionally select a view which gives you fine-grain filtering over the rows and columns to import.

Should be considered alpha-level release, but I am committed to fixing any bugs and adding improvements.

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That’s amazing, @lucw! Congratulations on the alpha release :muscle: :tada: