Baserow will not connect to Zapier or Make for integrations

When I try to link my Baserow workspace to Zapier, I get this error message “Authentication failed: The app returned “The provided token does not exist”

I tried Make (formerly Integromat) and keep getting a 403 Collection error message. I have created multiple keys and changed the key, and nothing is working for me. All the documentation available tells me to do what I have been doing. I tried linking other apps and it worked just fine. Has anyone else had this issue and knows why none of these integration platforms won’t link to Baserow?

Hi, the 403 error indicates indeed that there is an authentication problem. I just tried to make a new connection with Make and it worked fine for the List row blocks.

You can try to make a pure HTTP request in Make and set the token manually in the header. This checks if the token is valid or not.