Baserow's limitations and migration from Airtable

Hi! We use the Airtable as a database for our Bubble’s web-application. And we have outgrown some it’s limitations:

– 100 000 records per database – we requiere to keep more data;
– 5 API requests per second – our web-app works very slow with this restriction.

I’am considering Baserow as an Airtable’s alternative for our project and I want to ask a few questions, which will help me to make a desicion.

  1. How many rows I can keep in Baserow database?
  2. How many API-calls per second I can do from other applications to my database in Baserow?
  3. Can I import 40 000 rows in one table by CSV? And how I can do it? :slight_smile:

Hey @Vlas, thanks for popping into the Baserow community :wave:

To answer your first and third questions:

Are you planning on using the hosted or self-hosted version of Baserow?

Baserow can handle 100K+ rows, but the level of performance might vary based on the number of fields, filters, and views in your database once you’re above 100K rows. (This is bound to change in the future, but as of this writing, we’re actively working on supporting vast amounts of data beyond 100K rows.)

If you’re self-hosting, there’s no limit.

Yes, you can absolutely import by CSV. Here’s how:

  1. Create a new database in your workspace.

  1. You’ll be defaulted to start with a new table. Instead of selecting this, choose the option to Import a CSV file.

  1. Once you choose the CSV file you want to import, select your delimiter (column separator), encoding, the option to denote whether the first row is a header or not. You’ll also be able to preview your import before adding the table.

After that, hit the Add table button, and done!

Note: When importing, the file must be less than 15 MB

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Hi, Hiram! Thank you for the answer.

  1. I wanted to try to work with cloud version, but opportunity to work with big tables (over then 100 000 rows) is required for my goals. So, I have only one way – selfhost :grin:

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen the feature, that I can create new table by .csv-file, but when I tried to add 30k rows, Baserow showed to me the message, that I cant’t add more then 5000 rows. I tried to add 5000 rows, but it showed to me the same message. I deleted rows for a few times untill they are gone 1000. And only after that I was success :slightly_smiling_face:

So, does the Baserow have a function to add rows from .csv to an existing table?

Indeed, that row import limitation—similar to your previous question—exists in the hosted version. You wouldn’t encounter this limitation in the self-hosted version.

At this point, in understanding your immediate needs, it’d probably be best to self-host using Cloudron.

This would allow you to import everything you need at once instead of in chunks. :slight_smile:

Salute to a fellow visdev & Bubbler :man_bowing:

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