Baserow's new app builder: beta program has started 🚀

At the end of 2022, we began rebuilding the foundations of Baserow from scratch. Even though we’re a database-centric platform, our aspiration has always been to deliver the first open source no-code toolchain.

In 2023, we began working on app builder functionality, which would transform your databases into real-world, full-scale applications.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that the private beta has now officially started! :sparkles:


Looking good. :+1: :tada:

Wow, that will be great!

I wish I can live long enough to see web based solutions like Baserow can finally replace MS ACCESS!
I think the goal behind Baserow is similar to FoxPro which got killed by Microsoft to boost MS ACCESS.

We all want an easy way to store and visualize relational data, and an intuitive GUI to manipulate the data through forms and apps.

More power to Baserow! :muscle:

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Thank you for your kind words, @farzad. We appreciate your feedback a lot. :blue_heart:

Will an option to join the beta be made to other users?

Hello @robbk, the beta version of the app builder will be publicly released at the end of February.

I can’t believe what good timing this is, I’m looking for something like this for a project I’m working on now. Looking forward to getting hands on with this capability. :green_heart:

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