BATCH request more faster

Colleagues can tell us how to speed up the execution of a batch request. 1 request is updated fast. but two or more are getting slower and slower. Thanks

Hey @MrRaccoon,

Do you have any more info on that? It would be nice to know what sort of processing times you are looking at, what you would expect them to be, what version of Baserow you are running and if it is Hosted or self hosted.

Baserow on self hosted. In Table 40k+ rows and many “Link to table” fields. Do you have any suggestions for setting up a postgresql database?

Hey @MrRaccoon,

I don’t have any special guides for setting up Postgres but you can grab a docker image and start using that if you update the Baserow config. I am not sure what the migration path would look like maybe an export then import.

How long is it actually taking at the moment and what sort of hardware are you running on?