Better numeric filtering

When filtering on a field containing a numeric value, the only numeric comparison options appear to be: Equals(=), Does not equal(!=), Greater than(>), and Less than(<).

The biggest glaring omission here is “greater than or equal” (>=) and “less than or equal” (<=). While I know that “show me values 18 and up” can be done with “show me greater than 17”, its just that little bit of extra annoyance and mental energy. The formula language doesn’t have this awkward limitation on operators, so I wish the filter options didn’t either.

Additionally, it would be really nice to be able to specify number ranges for a filter. (e.g. “18-65”, or “from 18 through 65” Could even go as fancy as “16-65,84-89, 102,106”) A good analogy for this would be the way a print dialog lets you specify the pages of a document to print. However, there are many ways this could be approached. (and many ways to determine whether a range is inclusive or exclusive)

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Hey @dkonigs! That’s a great suggestion, we will discuss your feature idea with the team and I’ll update you afterwards. Thanks :raised_hands:

Hey again @dkonigs! We plan to introduce condition groups, and with that functionality, you will be able to use advanced filtering combining AND & OR. Here is the issue to track the progress: Condition groups: advanced filtering combining AND & OR (#1271) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.


Checking in nearly a year and a half later, and I’m shocked to discover that you still haven’t gotten around to adding something so basic as “greater than or equal”.
This is pretty much the most common filter I ever want to apply, and downright trivial. I frequently want to say “show all products numbered 180 and above”, and its awkward to have to input that as “show all products above 179” when I wouldn’t have to do that in any other application.

Hello @dkonigs, these filters should be added in the 1.24 release. Thanks for drawing our attention to that. :pray: