Bidirectional sync any database with Baserow

I’m coming from the nocode space, moving more into the selfhosting and opensource space. I love the idea of combining those two. Which is why I’m here :grin:

Last year I built a marketplace with Webflow + Airtable + Whalesync. That stack cost $29 + $24 + $29 = $82 monthly, at the time I built it. Right now the same stack cost $29 + $24 + $99 = $152 if I cancel and renew subscriptions.

To give you an idea of the tables: person, company, product-listing, portfolio-examples, features, tools, reviews, product-categories. All linked in some way with each other.

Whalesync started to increase prices quite a lot as you can see.

So what I would love to find is some sort of opensource alternative to whalesync.

Right now Webstudio released their open CMS, in which I can have the data right away from Baserow into Webstudio without anything in between. Which is truly epic. Only they don’t have certain things like collection pages at this time. Which still wants me to keep using Webflow, preferably with Baserow. I know at some point Webstudio will have this, but it’s more about the idea of flexibility.

With certain web development things I’d like to have something to authenticate users. Without having the userdata locked into something like Webflow. I found Supabase and Pocketbase to be interesting tools for this.

The main doubt with all of this, is how easy or difficult is it going to be if some project starts to grow a lot and things need to be migrated because of some inexperienced decission or whatever. If I can setup syncs with any type of database, I have much less to worry about. That idea gives so much flexibility and peace of mind.

I found Supabase uses Supabase Wrappers, with some technical documentation. And after that I found Prisma which is called an ORM (Object Relational Management) being opensource as well.

And then the code kicks in haha!

I don’t really have a clear question when it comes down to all of this. It’s just thoughts and curiousity to explore.

Love your app, @360Creators. Probably, when we release the app builder and add more styling options there, you’ll be able to move your marketplace to Baserow for both frontend and backend. :slightly_smiling_face:

Amazing! Curious how far the styling goes. Is it with designtokens?

Why not try it out for yourself this week? ⏰ Looking for 10 more people to join our private beta for the app builder - #2

Cool! Very curious, I’ve filled out the form :grin: