BUG ? CSV Export doesn't work since 1.18


I’ve just upgrade baserow docker image to 1.18 and the csv export doesn’t work anymore, do you know why ?


In the same time, I seted up the S3 bucket. It’s works find to upload and read and delete a picture, but here also I can’t download picture with the same error message.

Adding the following environment variable :
-e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=“qsdsqdqsdqs”
-e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=“sdsdfsdfsd”
-e AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME=“sdfsfssfsdfs”
-e AWS_S3_ENDPOINT_URL=“https://s3.sdfsdfsdfsdf/”\

Is there something I’ve misunderstood regarding the downloading rights ?

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I forget the

-e AWS_S3_CUSTOM_DOMAIN="bucket-s3-baserow.s3.sdfsdfsdfsdf.com"\

It works find for export picture and file now, but I still can’t upload images on a form… Is there another set up ?

Hello @Clapp, I will ask the dev team to look into your request. In the meantime, please make sure that you submitted your help request using this template: *READ ME FIRST* Technical Help FAQs - #2 by nigel.

Hey @Clapp,

What error are you getting when trying to upload from the form?

FYI all supported AWS env vars are linked to / shown here: Configuring Baserow // Baserow