BUG - incorrect date&time&user update

Hi, I want to report a small bug that I found:

If I just open the row by “Space” shortcut - just only to check the row details, comments or history - then immediately the “Last modified” modified date and time and also “Modified by” is updated, even that I did not modify/edit/change anything. I just opened the row detail pop-up.

If I checked the history section, I see that there is a new history point related to me as a user and to that date and time when I opened the row detail. It says that there is a change in one of my fields (which is a long-text field with rich text format enabled). But this is not true. There is nothing changed or added by me.


Hey @marcus,

I am unable to replicate the bug. When I press the spacebar, the modal appears, and there is no change visible in the row history, as expected.

Could you please let me know if this issue occurs when pressing the spacebar from all field types or only from a specific one?

It looks like it happens when I press the spacebar on different field types. And btw. I did not press the spacebar on that exact field that I have reported to be edited.
Sometimes (on some rows) it does not happen, but mostly it does.