Bug: PDF Upload Issues via URL

When you upload a PDF via a url, rather than directly from a computer, it can’t be viewed in the browser:

If you then try to upload the same PDF from a computer, it still appears corrupted on baserow because it shares the same filepath as the previous url-based upload.

However, if the filename is changed and then uploaded from a computer, it works fine.

I think it may be because it’s being served as content-type: text/plain rather than application/pdf. I’m not sure whether the caching issue when you re-upload the same file is a bug or desirable.

Bug found on live baserow.io , so presumably v1.9

Example view:

Example PDF url:

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Hello @mjadobson, first of all, thanks for your activity here in the forum. We love users that don’t hesitate to share their feedback. You know, the community comments are always great pushers for us :muscle:

Back to work: yeah, this might be a bug, so I created an issue for our developers to take a look: PDF Upload Issues via URL (#883) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab. We’ll also discuss this problem at the team call, and if I have some updates after it, I’ll share them with you here. Thanks for adding a screenshot together with the document, these details are very helpful in the process of investigating the issue!