Bug related to color function that breaks Baserow and gridview

There is a bug I can reliably replicate on 1.19 that relates to color.

I create a color for the left border and the condition refers to a boolean that is a calculated field. The field is called Overdue and is defined as field(‘Next Review’) < today()

The moment you add this color condition, Baserow displays only an error page. If you go back to the dashboard and try to get into the database and table again, all of the name fields (the main index field) is blank. All of them.

If you trash the color condition, all is well and the table is normal again.

Hi @deet , apologies for the bug. Would you mind providing a bit more information on your table as i’m having trouble reproducing it on 1.19.

Specifically could you share a screenshot if possible showing what the Next Review field is and it’s settings (i’m assuming a date field?). Additionally could you provide the same information for what the primary field of your table is?


@nigel I should note that sometimes the Next Review field is intentionally blank as it doesn’t apply. That doesn’t bother the calculated field, but maybe the calculated field rather than being false (like it appears) is actually null and messing up the color condition. Just guessing a bit.

I’ve created an issue here and I’m going to start working on it: Boolean filterType breaks comparing null values (#1927) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab

The bug has been found and the fix will be part of the next release as you can see here: Boolean filterType breaks comparing null values".

Thanks a lot for the suggestion, it was in the right direction.