Bug: Search for rows in linked table not working

In the following screenshot, I am trying add records from a linked table containing a list of the worlds’ airlines. However as can been seen, the search function is not working.

I am running a self-hosted instance of Baserow 1.10.2 via Cloudron.

I encountered this recently, have you tried pressing enter after typing in the search term? I don’t think it is currently meant to be an automatic search as you type, but instead you have to press enter, which is confusing!

Hi Nigel, thanks for the prompt reply. Pressing the enter button works! I agree that this is somewhat unintuitive as when one does a normal search in a table, the search is dynamic.

I’ve made the following feature request Searching for linked rows in the SelectRowModal should be instant instead of needing Enter to be pressed (#1091) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab so we don’t loose track of this and hopefully fix one day/soon!