Bug? Text field automatically turns into unique identifier

I have 2 workspaces and 1 is premium and the other is free plan. On the free plan, I found a strange thing in a text field. Some rows (not all) show unique identifier numbers instead of single line text.

If anyone has the same issue, could you please help me solve it?

Hello @skillhacker, I don’t remember anything similar being reported. Did this happen only once? Could it be that you accidentally pasted these numbers, or perhaps your collaborators did, if you have any? If this is on the Premium account, you could check the row change history to rule out this assumption. :thinking:

Hi @olgatrykush - Thanks for the advice :blush:

It only seemed to happen once in 1 table out of 5 and 9 rows out of 30 rows with no history. For collaborators, I’m the only one using the workspace.
This table is just an experiment for calculation and data management, so it’s not a big problem, but I’m curious about it :face_with_monocle:

(But this table is in the free plan)

Hi @olgatrykush - it might be solved :pray:

It could be caused by me importing from Airtable with URL. I checked the history that other rows have. Sorry for this and thanks for your time!

Glad to hear you figured out this issue. :raised_hands: