Bug when adding new linked record

Hi there,

Me and my team have noticed a bug where trying to update a multiple select on a new linked record (see my screenshot for an example of where we’re working) causes the card to just close without saving any of your work.

Hello @rninesling :wave:

Hm, currently, it is not possible to add or edit multiple select options in the Link-to-table field type from the row edit modal. However, this should not cause the modal to close without saving any of your work. Maybe I misunderstood your case. Can you please record a short GIF so we can see the issue in action?

Hi @olgatrykush, here’s a GIF for your reference.


Thanks @rninesling, the video really helps! :raised_hands:

Do you self-host or use a SaaS version of Baserow?

We are on the SaaS version.

Hey @rninesling,

thank you for reporting this. I can confirm it’s a bug. I’ve created an issue here: Selecting a collaborator unexpectedly closes the modal in the simple grid view (#1997) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab
For now, I think it might be better to create new rows directly from the Assessments table, sorry for the inconvenience.

I’ll let you know when the bug is fixed.

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Thanks Davide, I’ll let our team know. Just to clarify in case it helps, it’s not just the collaborator field that closes the modal; attempting to use any of the multiple selects you see in the clip will close it as well.

@rninesling @davide I know it’s been a while, but I’ve just inspected this and it seems to already work as intended