Bug when choosing the empty link-to-table value in forms

Hi all!
I realized that we cant fill a link-to-table field with the empty value: after submitting such a form, the button keep turning infinitely. For instance, you can test with this form if you select the empty value for the people field.
It was possible at least in 1.13 version so I wonder what is the expected behavior: allowing empty field or not (it is very usefull to allow this) ?
Thanks for your answer,

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Hi @asan, thank you for mentioning this. It seems like a bug and I’ve created an issue for it on our backlog here: Submit error with empty link_row field value in a publicly form (#1914) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.

@asan We’ve resolved the problem, and it will be included in the next releast https://gitlab.com/baserow/baserow/-/merge_requests/1603.

Thank you so much for your reactivity!