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Playing with Baserow and trying to make my first serious database. :wink:


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It would be great if you could export the template directly from Baserow.

It would indeed be great if you could export a database to a JSON template easily from the interface. At the moment it’s only possible via command line following this tutorial Create a template // Baserow. When the importing/exporting technology, which drives the templates, is a bit more mature, we will definitely make it possible to export as a template directly from the interface.

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Hey @Peter, great to see you experimenting with possible templates. We actually have a bug-tracker-type of template in our backlog—is this something that’d be helpful for you to have and work from?

If so, let me know and I’ll bump it up on our queue.

Yes that would be great. :+1:

Noted, Peter—just bumped it up on our queue.

If there are any other templates you have in mind, I’m all ears.

Appreciate your input. :raised_hands:

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Hey @Peter, just wanted to hop in and let you know that we’ll likely be able to have this template in production by the next release of Baserow.

Stay tuned :eyes:

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@Peter — this template is now live on the latest release of Baserow as of this writing (1.7.1).

You can find it here.